Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can use your smartphone, Tablet or PC with internet access as a secure faxing device.
Yes, we can port your existing fax number to Secure-Fax and you can continue to use the same number.
Secure-Fax uses AES 256 bit encryption for transmission of faxes. Our datacenter complies with a unique set of industry security standards including SSAE 16, SOC1, and SOC2 for storage of faxes.
Yes, MedOfficePro's Secure-Fax service will provide you with multiple numbers for the city (area code) of your choice and you can select the number you want from that list.
You will need a Login ID, Password and Office Key before you start using Secure-Fax. Password is selected by user at the time of registration and Office Key is also generated at the same time.
All incoming new faxes will under Pending tab in inbox.
Yes, you can forward a Fax to your email or to any other email.
All previously sent faxes are stored under Sent Faxes tab. You can easily resend any fax by selecting the fax and clicking on Resend button.
Yes, you can go to Sent Faxes tab, select the fax and click on View button to see what was actually sent.
You need to call Support Desk by phone at 866-510-1111 ext.11 or by email at and request for cancellation of your account.
All sent faxes remain in Outbox for 5 minutes. Once a fax is successfully sent, it moves to Sent Faxes tab. If the fax is not sent due to incorrect fax number or for any other reason, it will remain in the Outbox tab.
Still not sure? Call a Sales Specialist at 1-866-510-1111 x 14 or email us at