Secure and HIPAA Compliant Faxing

No confidential faxes sitting on your fax machine. No missing pages. Protect your faxes. HIPAA-Compliant with nearly 100% uptime. 256 bit SSL-encryption with end to end security.

Electronic Signature

Add your Preset Signature, Name, Office, Title, Date, Custom text or Checkbox fields to any document and forward it internally or fax it back. No need to print. Be paperless!


Add comments to any incoming fax for your assistant or colleague for follow up action. Archive all faxes after you are done with any fax in Pending Status.

Lifetime Storage and Search

Store all faxes for as long as you want and search them whenever you want.

Easy Email Like Online Interface

Secure-Fax interface is similar to most online email applications. If you can email, you can Secure-Fax. Very intuitive and easy to use.

Address Book

Search and Manage your contacts easily when you log into your account. Set up Groups for mass faxing for frequently used contacts. Import your existing contacts or export contacts in Secure-Fax easily anytime.

Port your existing fax number

We can port your existing fax number/s or you can use new Secure-Fax numbers. Until your existing fax number is ported, you can simply forward that fax number to a new Secure-Fax number temporarily provided by MedOfficePro.

Spam Faxes

Set all spam fax numbers to automatically drop in your spam folder and manage your spam settings.

Custom Cover Pages

Use your own designs for cover pages.